What did you find most valuable or memorable about the program? 

“I now know exactly what I need to do to be more safe and prevent falls in my home environment!”

“EVERYTHING!! The three instructors are very informative and nice! very important information.”

“The instructors!! And of course all the safety tips!”

“You’ve brought my thinking to the forefront, I now always think of the consequences and benefits of being mindful about my daily activities”

“Program was very helpful. we laughed a lot which made it more fun. Instructors were very helpful at all times.”

“All the presenters were helpful and very friendly, talking to you not down to you, very refreshing. They were a great group of teachers together.”

“I will definitely be coming back next time! “

“We were both so impressed with your kindness, Clarity and communication, and your professionalism. The assessment and recommendations including the ones you gave us verbally the day of your visit have been so helpful we’ve already implemented several of them!”